Pay close attention to talent construction and improve organizational capacity -- Fulin group held the 2022 annual human resources work conference

The plan of the year is spring. On February 19, the 2022 annual human resources work conference of Fulin group was successfully held in Fulin Taohua Island Hotel. The purpose is to comprehensively summarize the past experience and shortcomings, arrange and deploy the work ideas and plans for the coming year, and deepen the training of talents. Chairman An Zhou and general manager Lu Qiyong of the group company attended the meeting. A total of more than 70 senior employees, human resources practitioners and management trainees of all subsidiaries attended the meeting.


At the working meeting, the heads of human resources and high-level employees of all subsidiaries reported on their work performance in 2021, existing problems and solutions, and work plans in 2022, and focused on the construction of talent construction, learning and promotion as a high-level employees, advantages and disadvantages, and role performance to the participants. At the meeting, Management trainee's representative who was recruited in 2021 was also invited to speech about his feelings on learning and growth, future career planning, suggestions and needs for the development of the company, etc.


At the meeting, the group company arranged and deployed the key work of human resources in 2022, requiring all subsidiaries to take talent construction as the top priority of all work tasks, work together, work hard, and strive to jointly promote the construction of Fulin group's talent team and achieve a new level of human resources management.

And then Lu Qiyong, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the group company, made a speech, affirmed the human resources work of each enterprise in 2021, and made good achievements in consolidating the human resources foundation, optimizing the system process and improving human efficiency. He asked all human resources practitioners to really attach importance to talents and use talents to guide the development of enterprises; At the same time, we have deep expectations for talents and management trainees. We should always remember our mission, cultivate morality, strive to grow into high-performance and high-output talents with both morality and ability, and really fight more "food" for enterprises.


Finally, chairman An Zhou of the group company made an important speech, which comprehensively describes the future development of Fulin group, the requirements for talents and the talent mechanism. An Zhou said that the recruitment, retention, real role and sustainable growth of excellent talents should be the key work of human resources. The Group should take "self-discipline, continuous learning and improvement, and innovative spirit" as the standard to measure talents; In terms of talent incentive, we should follow the parallel of material and spirit, culture and mission, uphold a more open and inclusive attitude, and really care for talents and their growth. At the end of the speech, chairman An Zhou deepened the cultural connotation of Fulin with "enriching oneself, being less benevolent, facing danger", "enriching body, keeping morality and keeping Taoist", and sent a message to all staffs to be loyal to the enterprise, remember the mission and strive to realize the great prospect of Fulin group in this era of opportunities and risks!


The journey is long, we have to struggle. To make dreams come true, we have to hard work. The human resources work of Fulin group in 2022 will closely focus on the business policy of "efficiency, development, innovation and responsibility" of the group company, take practicing the "Fulin spirit" as the core, take "paying close attention to talent construction and improving organizational ability" as the work goal, and strive to build an excellent talent team with "both morality and talent" and "integrity and integrity" in order to Lay a good talent foundation and guarantee for the Evergreen Foundation of Fulin group!