Strengthen ability training and promote talents construction -- Fulin group holds the training course of "managers' communication and performance management skills

In order to strengthen the construction of talent construction and build a excellent talent team with high quality and strong ability, the administration and human recourse department of the group organized and carried out the training course of "communication and performance management skills of managers" from December 24 to 25, which aims to improve the talents' mastery of effective communication skills in different situations and further strengthen their work efficiency and execution. More than 70 people from the group company and its subsidiaries participated in the training, including phase VI of the talent plan, phase IV of the young eagle plan and management trainees.


Li Yi, a professional manager general management skills training lecturer, was invited to give lectures. Teacher Li Yi applied communication and performance management skills to work practice through training and teaching supplemented by a large number of case sharing, group discussion and on-site training. The content covered "Establish a communication emotional account, the statement of upward communication, advocate five steps, cross-team communication conflict handling strategy and 4 + 1 rule, the GROW model of downward communication, different communication strategies in external communication and performance interview skills with subordinates". everyone can learn and master communication skills in training, have a deep memory and be full of dry goods.


This training adopted the method of on-site training + score ranking, and the classroom atmosphere was very active. In each case training, all groups actively thought and spoke first, and devoted themselves to this course with full emotion. After class, everyone said that the wonderful teaching and communication skills brought by Mr. Li Yi were very practical and can play a good guiding role in future work and life.







At the graduation ceremony on December 25, the students were organized to deliver a short message for themselves next year. This letter carried everyone's expectations for next year's work objectives and learning plans; Then, three delegates were invited to share and commend the winners of the training, and presented them with the book key dialogue to continue to learn efficient communication skills; Finally, Mr. Li Yi awarded the completion certificate to each group of students.


At the end of graduation, general manager Lu, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the group company, made a concluding speech. Firstly, he fully affirmed the training course and emphasized the importance of communication to our management activities, especially the high-efficiency communication ability is one of the necessary skills for managers; Secondly, all employees are required to strengthen the study of management theory and skills, combine work practice and professional learning, change to detailed and scientific management, and improve enterprise management efficiency and management level; Finally, President Lu organized everyone to learn the eight character life criterion - "responsibility, responsibility, openness and detail" required by Mr. An Zhifu, the actual controller of Fulin group, and hoped that everyone would work hard, conscientiously learn and realize their life value in the development of the enterprise under the platform of Fulin.